Stretch, move, kick, punch and laugh your way to fitness with us

Hi there, My Name is Danny “Feel the” ByrneProfessional Kickboxer.
I have been a kickboxing teacher and personal fitness trainer for over 20 years. If you would like to give my Kickboxing fitness classes a try, come along to Catmose sports centre, Rutland to a session.  Check my classes page for more info.

Why choose a Rutland Kickboxing class
to get fit?

Focus of the classes is to enjoy the training and being able to quickly see the improvements in fitness level, stamina, strength and flexibility so you keep your attendance and interest up. You train hard in the class but don’t realise you doing it as you enjoying what you doing and having a laugh along the way.

Your body is the most IMPORTANT asset you have, spend some time looking after it.

Our main priority is to have fun and not to injure yourself so:

  • If you don’t laugh at least once – your money back
  • You don’t find my attitude funny – your money back
  • If you don’t feel good after a session – your money back
  • If you don’t get hot and sweaty and lose some weight – your money back
  • If you don’t like my shorts?…Well we can fight over it!


You will be training with a REAL PROFESSIONAL Kick and Thai boxer.
The Training techniques used in the class come from my experience of training myself and professional fighters to compete in the ring, but adapting them for all levels of fitness and abilities but still getting great results!

Want more info…check out the FAQs

Warm up/down



Stretch & Move

Pad Work

Floor Exercise

Kickboxing Equipment

We train using the correct and safest equipment. We use large soft pads suitable for punching and kicking with everyone wearing pro-boxing gloves to protect hand and wrist.

Boxing Gloves



Shin Pads