About Me

My background in Martial Arts started at a young age. At 6 I began with Judo and trained with Bryan Jacks in London. At 14 I took up Karate but moved to Tae Kwon Do when that became the “new thing” in the 80s, and was graded by Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha, 9th Dan. I then stopped for a few years and on moving to Leicestershire I decided to start up my training again and try Muay Thai. I trained with Mark Barlow in Melton Mowbray where I entered the ring and turned Professional.
My professional fighing career highlights included becoming WKA 67KG Kickboxing champIFK European 67KG champ at both Thai and Kickboxing Low Leg. I then moved to training with Jag at Leicester Kickboxing where I also went on to become ISKA Thai Commonwealth 70KG champ and ISKA British Kickboxing 72KG champ. Over the years I have had at least 60 amateur and pro fights. But my fighting career has taken a (temporary) back seat. I am always open to any offers to enter the ring again!
  • I have now been teaching professionally for over 20 years training children and adults.
  • I have trained fighters in both Thai, Kickboxing and K1.
  • I Teach at Oakham School for 15 years offering K1 Kickboxing and self defence classes.
  • Offering public kickboxing classes for over 15 years at a number of venues in Rutland (currently settled at Catmose sports centre)
  • Providing Personal Training to the ladies and gentlemen of Rutland for the last 25 years including an ex-F1 driver that endures the pleasure of my company twice each week, and loves to box with me ( almost Queensbury rules).
  • My personal training services cover not only kickboxing training, sparring and self defence, but working with their home gym equipment, general fitness exercises as well as taking them out for runs and training toward half marathons (which I always run with them, nobody gets left behind!).