Grading Syllabus

The kickboxing grading syllabus is one of the toughest around and also a lot of fun. To gain a belt, you must complete and pass all the tests from white belt up to your desired belt in the same session. Eg. If you want an orange belt, In one session, you must complete and pass the white belt, the yellow belt, then the orange belt tests. See below for details of the fitness & strength, techniques and combinations necessary to pass each of the belts.


A White belt is to concentrate on keeping a balanced stance,
learn the basic straight punch and front push kick, and the basics of defence by covering up,
ducking, front kick parry, and the defence of leg kicks.


  • Front kick
  • Parry front kick
  • Jab and cross
  • Cover up
  • Duck and punch
  • Thigh kick and shin block


Must learn the roundhouse kick to both mid section and legs, defend agaisnt the roundhouse,
and the basics of boxing with the intro of hook and uppercut, and to slip punches.


  • Roundhouse kick
  • Parry roundhouse
  • Uppercut
  • Hook punch
  • Slip punches


The side kick and side stance are the basis for orange, more defensive options,
the step and catch, the reverse parry, and the parry of the jab and cross.


  • Side kick
  • Parry side kick
  • Roundhouse step and catch
  • Reverse parry
  • Parry jab and cross


The intro of the first spinnning kick, the back kick, the parry of such,
and the more agressive heel catch and leg kick counters, and a jumping punch!
Hence why the belt is red to warn others to be careful.


  • Back kick
  • Parry back kick
  • Jumping punch
  • Heel catch
  • Inside leg counters


Green belt intro’s the first head kick, the axe kick.
Clinch work is learnt, both K1 strike and release and thai style.
All 3 knee variants, strike, thrust and Thai inswing.


  • Axe kick
  • Knee strike
  • Knee thrust
  • Thai inswing knee
  • Clinch work


The blue belt is the first senior belt, more head kicks added, inc spinning heel kicks,
more aggressive low leg counters, Jumping front kicks, both bicycle and flying,
and the intro of the long range cork screw uppercut.

  • Heel kick,
  • Heel kick counter
  • Leg catch counter
  • Jumping front kick
  • Cork screw uppercut


The Purple belt is to specialise in front leg attacks, inc the front hooking kick,
a range of sidekicks from one leg standing, and lots of jumping attacks,
inc roundhouses, knees and back kicks.

  • Jumping back kick
  • Hopping side kick
  • Jumping roundhouse
  • Jumping knee
  • Front Hooking kick


Brown belts can throw kicks from any angle, any leg, and specialise in the 360 kicks.
Specialist techniques like the tornado kick, jumping heel kick, and spinning back fist.

  • 360 back kick
  • 360 heel kick
  • Jumping heel kick
  • Tornado kick
  • Spinning back fist