Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Rutland Kickboxing and other Kickboxing classes in the area?

No other class will:

  • Make you work hard, sweat but have a good laugh while your doing it
  • Give you a real kickboxing workout that professional kickboxing fighters would do
  • Allow you to spend one hour (per class) in my famous and sought after company
  • Train as a family (saturday mornings) so you can get fit and spend quality time as a family
  • Have the flexibility on what day you attend and how often you want to train, we run three classes a week
  • Get to see one of the best pair of legs in Thai shorts this side of Leicestershire (warm weather permitting)
  • See the only person you know that actually drinks original Lucozade Energy (but only the isn’t) and isnt drinking it cos they are ill

Just check out my history to get my background in Kickboxing. I am an experienced and professional Kick and Thai fighter with over 10 years formal instructing experience. My classes have been devised from the real training a fighter would do, but adapting it for all fitness levels and still getting great results! The classes aren’t a watered down version of kickboxing and its related training that can be found in other classes, such as Kung Foo and other martial arts based kickboxing/kick- boxercise / body combat classes where the closest they been to a boxing ring was when watching ROCKY the movie!

I’m so unfit, I can’t remember the last time I did exercise, will I be able to cope and keep up in the classes?

Don’t worry about how unfit you are at the beginning, you can take it at your own pace. All the exercises we do can be adapted to all levels so you will be able to take part in the class and not look out of place. But it won’t take long before you see the improvements in fitness level, stamina, strength and flexibility and fancy challenging yourself more in the classes!

Is there an age limit to attending the classes?

Saturday’s class is Family Training, so there is no minimum age, you can bring your babies and have thcar seatin their carseat at the side while you train, bring toddlers to sit and roll about on the mats, or run around the hall trying to join in. From 3 years and upwards where they can properly join in with the training at their own dedicated children’s class which follows on st 12pm minimum’s. The minimium age for the adult classes is 15 and over. There is no maximum age and I have people I train in kickboxing at the public classes and privately in their 50s to late 60s.

What goes on in the classes? Do we hit each other?

  • 10 min warm up and stretch
  • 40 min of pad work
  • 10 min Groundwork (different exercises focusing on balance, mobility, core, upper and lower body strength) including cool down and stretch

For people interested in Sparring (light contact sparring is part of Orange Belt syllabus) you can take part in Sparring training, all protective equipment can be provided

During the classes you also get to hear some great jokes, anecdotes from my life or other general ramblings of great interest all at no extra cost!

I know you do skipping for a warm up, I really can’t skip!

The majority of beginners start being unable to skip, but after a few weeks you will soon start to pick it up, it just takes a little bit of practice and perseverance. If you’re really having trouble picking up the skipping (there are a few, so you won’t be alone) there are other ways of warming up, so don’t let the skipping put you off attending.

What do I need to wear to a class?

Just wear usual gym clothes, anything you feel comfortable in, there isn’t a club uniform that needs to be purchased – so wear something like tracksuit/jogging bottoms, shorts, t-shirt and trainers (or you can train in barefoot if you prefer). In the wafantastics you get to see my fanstastic legs in my Thai shorts, so even more incentive to start coming along!

What equipment do I need?

As a beginner we can provide you with all the equipment you need which you can borrow at the classes. When you realise you love the class (which will probably be after your first class) then you can think abour purchasing your own Boxing Gloves (see me for details if you would like me to get you a pair). Skipping ropes, mats and pads are all provide at each class.

How much are the classes?

The only thing Rutland Kickboxing charge you for is attending the classes, the only other thing you may want to pay for is your own pair of Boxing Gloves. If you want to pay as you go, then the classes are £5 each. Monthly payments via Standing Order is available which works out less per class. Please see me for more details on the monthly payments and collect a form.

If we work in pairs, do I need to come with a friend?

The good thing about starting the classes with a friend is you can both motivate each other to keep attending each week, so if you can find someone else to bring along that would be better for both of you. But if you can’t find anyone else, then please don’t let that put you off attending, the members are a really sociable bunch so you will soon feel part of it. I usually pair everyone up anyway so you wont be the last one standing in the corner looking for a partner. If you’re really lucky and we have an odd number, you might end up with me getting my famous special attention!

Do you do Gradings? Can I get a Black Belt?

Yes we do Gradings at Rutland Kickboxing, however the focus is more on you getting fit, improving technique, having fun. So you really only have to pay for the classes and your equipment (Gloves). I want to keep you coming to the classes and keep you interested, not charging you every month to get graded to your black belt and then losing interest in you. Some of my regulars who have been coming for 4 years are probably at Black Belt standard, but it’s me that keeps them coming back!
But if you have your heart set on that elusive black belt, be warned, we will use the “new” ISKA grading which requires fitness and technique identical to professional kickboxers!

What if I fancy hitting someone, is there any opportunity to do this?

If you would like to try out the techniques you have learnt, then sparring training is now being introduced at the classes for all who are interested. For any sparring that takes place all protective equipment can be provided and must be worn. The sparring will be strictly controlled and supervised to ensure no injury. Further details can be provided on request.

Do we train to music?

Oh course we do, you need music to get your fired up and motivated during the class. I have a wide selection of playlists that you will get the pleasure of listening to. All my students love the music that is played and some just turn up to listen to it!

Are you available for 1:1 personal training sessions?

Yes sessions can be booked, phone 07880 987638, I have clients that range from a retired F1 driver to retired guest house owner.

Please Note: Some of my students also edit this site, my ego isn’t that large, honest!