Junk Food Lover, Office Worker

What everyone loves about exercise is that it can make you feel good, look good and allows you to occasionally (or quite often in my case) indulge in the naughty things that taste so fantastic. The bad thing about exercise is it’s hard to get motivated to do it week in, week out and you probably don’t enjoy it that much. At least that was the conclusion I had come to before I found Rutland Kickboxing. I had stopped and started at different gyms (and wasted £100s on unutilised gym memberships) and attending the different studio classes that were available, but I never really got into it or enjoyed it.

I then came across Rutland Kickboxing with Danny Byrne and I haven’t looked back since! I started attending the public classes and quickly started to really enjoy the sessions as well as soon seeing results. When I got pregnant (nothing to do with Danny I might add), I continued to train right up to 38 weeks and 6 weeks after giving birth I started training again. With Danny’s help and guidance I safety and responsibly lost my baby weight and returned to my old shape (the new improved shape I got from the training originally) within a sensible timeframe and I don’t have any stretch marks or saggy skin to prove it. I now enjoy kickboxing so much that I moved on from the pad work and technique and regularly enjoy sparring!

I have now been training with Danny for nearly four years and I haven’t lost the interest or enthusiasm, which in no small part is down to Danny being a great instructor.